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Newborn Sessions

The best time of shooting newborns on camera are the first 2 to 3 weeks of the baby's life. 

In Europe and America, this has long been known for decades and traditionally people have been inviting a photographer just in time for the birth of a child. In the first 2-3 weeks infants are very unusual, strange, cute and funny! They live their own lives, almost without ever getting distracted by others. They eat, talk with their parents and fall asleep very easily. A photo session never bothers them.

 In order to have time to take a picture of your child in the first 2-3 weeks of your baby's life, try to make an appointment with a photographer at the end of your pregnancy, please the photographer with the announcement of the birth of your baby and arrange a day for a photo session. Any baby photographer will drop everything and come running to capture a newborn baby! I'll bring along with my photo equipment all the necessary props such as hats, baskets and etc. You can also pick up your baby blankets or diapers. Newborn babies change really quickly, don't miss this special moment.

 A good time for a photo shoot is 2-4 months as well. A mother already feels confident with her baby, understanding it. The baby is able hold his/her head, sometimes even smiles. He/she has less sleep and will have more pictures where the baby communicates with its mother than of staged photographs. This period (2 to 4 months) is the last chance for parents to do a photo shoot of their baby in baskets or baby caps if they like such style.

 A 5-6 months baby can be considered as a "little grownup". Each baby has its own character. Some are funny , some are serious and others can be dreamy. They are actively smiling if they are in a good mood. We can capture them with their favorite toys, put them briefly in order for them to not get tired, if he/she can already sit. Many babies love to fly and dance with their mothers, though only if the mother can withstand the baby's weight.